El Gouna, Egypt

Towne Lake reflects its Texas-sized appeal in a 300-acre lake, the 4th largest recreational lake in the Greater Houston area. Connected trails, waterways and scenic coves allow neighbors easy access to the lake and the many amenities and destinations throughout, bonding the community together and creating a unique living experience. Towne Lake is a place where neighbors can work, play, raise children and leave a legacy for generations to come.


Rialto Studio developed the community “look and feel” based on the Texas Hill Country vernacular.  The land has been shaped to create hills and valleys uncommon to Houston but which serves to distinguish Towne Lake from its competitors.  Native Texas plantings also serve to differentiate the community from those with high maintenance formal landscapes.




San Antonio, TX



Replacing all of the overhead wayfinding signs with new ones presented a unique challenge in that the airport decreed that all of the existing structural support infrastructure must remain in place.  Because there areat least four different versions of existing structural support systems, Rialto’s solution was to develop a common cladding design that would simultaneously conceal and visually standardize all the disparate pieces.  The new polished aluminum cladding, coupled with replacement of all of the existing signage elements with a new design, messaging, and color scheme, yielded a bold new look for the airport.  Completing Rialto’s work, all of the vehicular and pedestrian wayfinding inside the hourly parking garage was re-designed and new signage installed.  Installation of the new signage was completed by Christmas of 2012.