Water Edge Design


Urban Waterfronts


•  Riparian Restoration and Erosion Control




Promenades and Overlooks


Tour Boat Operation Facilities


Manmade River Systems


River Walks


Wetlands Mitigation and Restoration


Creek-Based Greenway Trail Systems


River Terraces


Pre-Project Feasibility Consulting


Bog Gardens





Planting Design


Xeriscape Principles


Regional Plant Matrices


Botanic Garden Design


Wetlands Mitigation and Restoration


Maintenance Guidelines


Tree Preservation, Protection, and Relocation


Perennial Gardens


Urban Trees






Urban Design






Accessibility Design




Pedestrian Amenities


Historically Sensitive Design


Traffic and Parking Mitigation


Wayfinding Graphics and Signage


Water Features


Transportation Infrastructure


Bridge Design


Lighting Design





Zoological Design


Animal Exhibits


Visitor Amenities


Accessibility Mitigation Design


Planting Design


Sculpture Display







Community Planning


Planning and Design Guidelines


Zoning Ordinances


Design Covenants


Macro-Scale Planning


Land Planning


Pre-Project Feasibility Consulting








Corporate & Campus Design


Campus Planning and Design


Water Features


Memorial Gardens




Infrastructure Coordination and Design


Vehicular and Pedestrian Circulation


Comprehensive Planting Master Plans


Lighting Design


Entry Features and Identity Branding







Recreational Design


Athletic Playing Fields and Facilities


Creek-Based Greenway Trail Systems


Sports Courts and Surfaces


Skate Parks


Swimming Pools and Facilities


Hike & Bike Trails






Strategic Services


Project Management


Quality Control


Budget Control and Cost Estimating


Pre-Project Planning


Zoning and Code Compliance Consulting


Accessibility Consulting


Consultant Coordination


Specification Writing


Collaboration with Artists and Craftsmen


Multidisciplinary Team Coordination


Irrigation Design









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